Alice, dancing over the gallows

Alice, dancing over the gallows

Alice Herz-Sommer is 106 years old. As well as being the second oldest person living in London, England – she is more significantly the world`s oldest survivor of Hitler`s holocaust. But what really makes Alice stand out from the pack is her extraordinary optimism and forbearance – her absolute conviction that despite all the terrible things that she witnessed and endured – she still can not and will not bear any trace of enmity or hatred for those who did everything in their power to terminate her existence and that of her family and her People.

Alice will celebrate her 107th birthday on November 26th! Please send her birthday wishes to:


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  1. Jancis meharry


  2. Randy

    Alice is an inspiration and a beautiful G_D Blessed woman.

  3. Jancis meharry

    What agreat God we have, such a blessing is Alice, today our world lacks her amazing strength, faith and love Bless her xx

  4. Alice reminds me of Cory Tenboom. [not sure of the spelling] all of the hatred could not take away her freedom and hope in her heart toward the goodness of God through Jesus Christ.

    Alice exhibits faith in the beauty of God’s Creation and is and was undetered by the hatred of her enemies. As a result her life is filled with vigor, hope and determination to live happy.

    May she one day realize very soon that the Messiah was rejected, cruelly humiliated and cruxified but spoke love from the cross to forgive. His resurecction is the Blessed Hope of everyone who believes that there is a new day coming after the darkness stages it last attempt to snuff out the LIGHT in the GOD of the JEWS and the TWO books they wrote. They lose!
    The Messiah, Yeshua is the offer of salvation for all of us, to the Jews first and also the Gentiles.

  5. i think the leaders of the western world are leading us all to doomsday as they did in 1938
    there wont be a gathering of nations as in ww2 to defeat the terror thats coming

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