Rape of the West

Rape of the West


CBS has confirmed that 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted over a protracted period of time by dozens of Egyptian men. The brutal attack took place during the raucous “celebrations” on Friday night in Cairo’s main square. The New York Post reports this morning that the mob of rapists was screaming “Jew,” “Jew” as they repeatedly assaulted Mrs. Logan (who is not Jewish). Some reports indicate she is in serious condition and still in shock and unable to communicate.

It took over four days for CBS to confirm the attack, and they did so only after it was apparent other news outlets were prepared to break the story. Perhaps CBS was concerned about Mrs. Logan’s privacy. But it is fair to ask whether this brutal attack took so long to be made public because it does not fit the media narrative about the Egyptian “revolution.”

For two weeks the talking heads and big media have told us to celebrate the popular uprising in Egypt. Commentators downplayed the possibility of Egypt becoming a radical Islamist state and assured us that the Egyptian people want the same things we do. We were shown only interviews with Western oriented Egyptians who want to be free. There is no doubt that millions of Egyptians do want economic opportunity, free elections and other basic human rights. We should do what we can to help them. But there is also ample evidence that large majorities in Egypt are sympathetic to the worst elements of radical Islam including support for treating women as if they were cattle, anti-Semitism, hatred of the U.S. and Israel and intolerance of people of different faiths.

It was irresponsible for CBS to send an American woman into the anarchy in Cairo. As evil as the rapists were, their attack should not be a surprise. Everywhere radical Islamists are in control, “infidel” women are not safe. There are whole neighborhoods in Paris where a French woman can’t walk down the street safely. Australian women who sunbathe on the beaches of their country are repeatedly harassed by young Muslim mobs who call them “whores” and “sluts.” Rapes of Scandinavian women by Muslim immigrants are a growing problem in Europe. And, of course, in traditional Muslim societies, Muslim women are deprived the basic rights that American feminists take for granted.

Multiculturalism is “raping” the West. Our media and cultural elites are in denial about the values that dominate much of the Arab Islamic world. European and American textbooks exaggerate the mistakes and failures in the history of Judeo-Christian civilization and white-wash the pattern of conquest and persecution that marks the history of Islam. Lara Logan is one victim of our blindness, but sadly, she won’t be the last.

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  1. I am praying for Laura. Does it take a brain surgeon to understand what this is all routed in? Is everyone going to continue to play “ostrich” so that we don’t have to face the truth? This whole thing is a revived sharia empire that is going to subjugate anyone who is not a Muslim? We are so fearful of what is going on, that our mainstream media won’t “offend” these lunatics by presenting the truth. We just pray it will “go away”. NOt addressing the REAL issue, is about as stupid as it gets. It will rise up and destroy EVERYTHING that democracy has stood for. Very Very sad. Wake up America, Wake up all sleeping nations….drama is emerging against us.

  2. John

    My prayers go out to Lara, she didn’t deserve this. The problems in the Middle East are not economic or about oil or land, They are about religion.

  3. Jo Morphy

    Give peace a chance………………..rape happens everywhere, we are still a hugely selfish species, but unless we change things, things will not change. My thoughts are with this poor woman and her family in this horrendous attack and may the men perpetrators hang their heads in shame, as I am sure many decent muslim people are doing over this. Let this be a lesson to all, give peace a chance but don’t get too close to the firing line, if it is nor your fght.

  4. William Chambers

    It certainly appears to me that the intelligence of the ‘so called elites’ gets in the way of stark reality. How many women have to suffer at the hands of Muslim men to understand that women in Islam are treated like cattle or worse and pay for being female with their lives at the whim of their husbands or infidel women at the hands of any Muslim male. Agenda and pervading story line prevail over truth and reality and women suffer for it. I also resent the way the media has shoved down our throats the idea that the majority of Egypt’s population wants a Democracy-when they are pretty clearly anti-American.

  5. Michael Oberndorf

    Only liberal ideologues could have had the stoopidity to send a pretty blonde woman into a crowd of “wee-weed up” Muslims. I hope that she or her family sues CBS for every liberal cent they have.

  6. Evelyn

    Shocked and horrified at this story!!!!!!

    CNN made it sound like a skuffle at a SChool Yard……

    God help this poor woman she will never be the same,

    This should be apologized for publicly by someone in EGYPT, so that all EGYPTIans will know what was done at their so called peaceful protest!

    The President should do something to bring this about, and seek some kind of Justice!

  7. eyeofthesparrow

    It was irresponsible for this female reporter with a small child to walk into the madness that everyone could easily see. She put herself in harms way and now we see the result. When you tell a child not to touch a hot stove because they will get burned. I believe she had already been ‘burned’ in Egypt once before.

    No, we should not be in Egypt and should NOT give any monies to them. Let the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudis take care of their own. They don’t want DEMOCRACY. They want a Theocracy of Islamic rule. Truly people forget very quickly. Remember the Shah of Iran? He was SECULAR and they ousted him because they wanted ISLAMIC RULE and then came the Ayatollah Kuhmeini. Remember him?

    Our soldiers need to leave from Iraq and Afghanistan and them fight it out. Enough of our people have been killed trying to establish something they will never have there. We have our own problems South of the Border.

  8. larry hicks

    What are we going to do about it???????????????????????????? stick our heads farther in the dirt and just say go to it and have your fun?????????????????????????????

  9. Larry A. Miller

    In America it is the few who vote, maybe 30% most cases. But the majority we hope are good people and GOD fearing. My point is we have a small voice that actual vote and make all the rules. In Egypt this is also true on what the NEWS is trying to show as a mass of the people. This is not represenitive of the people, perhaps 3% truly want freedom out of the protestors. It would be safe to say out of the total protestors there is a good mix of wants, but true freedom and what we would call a republic is very small again 3%. Thus we are hoping that 3% will when the day, this is just not practical. I am not stating the 97% would be part of what happen to this women. But I will tell you that this would never happen at a Tea party protest. I guess my main point is we are not in control, we need to put all faith in this issue with GOD. I mean no insult by using the Name of our Lord and Father of Abram, Isaac and Jacob in reference to GOD.

  10. Moll

    The tiger has not changed its stripes. It is still deadly. Only a fool plays with it thinking it has become a domesticated “pet”. So it is when the west plays with the Muslim Brotherhood, thinking it has become a domesticated “pet” theory. It is deadly. Evil doesn’t change just because it “looks” like something we recognize. It is still Evil — bent on stealing and destroying God’s good.

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