Spanish Translation of Sephardic Jews magazine is finished!

Spanish Translation of Sephardic Jews magazine is finished!


In the fall of 2006, The Jerusalem Connection published a Special Edition of our magazine called, The Sephardic Jews. As many of you know, The Sephardic Jews magazine focused on the Bnai Anusim.  Bnai Anusim are the lost Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 during the Spanish Inquisition.  Many of them came to live in the New World where they could hide.  Some converted, others faked conversion, and many continued practicing Judaism in secret.  The Sephardic Jews magazine gave a very detailed account of the history of the Sephardic Jews and many insights into their status today.

What we are finding is that Bnai Anusim are awakening to their calling in large numbers, returning to the Jewish community, and making Aliya.   The Jerusalem Connection magazine has been a critical tool in informing them of their history and highlighting their future.  Not a week has gone by in the last five years where we don’t receive special requests from all over the world for copies of this magazine.  Since the special issue on Sephardic Jews first came out, we were  inundated with requests to publish the issue in Spanish. The interest and enthusiasm was amazing.

So, after months of hard work translating, editing, and designing the magazine so it is an exact translation and replica of the original, we are thrilled and thankful to say that the magazine is finally finished and in print! (Order the Spanish Edition now!)

We want to say a special thank you to the volunteer efforts of Ed and Yolanda Benjamin and Rance and Brandy Cook at Comfort Israel.  They put in countless hours to make this translation possible.  We also want to thank all of the donors who had a special burden to see this project to its completion and gave generously of their finances.  Thank you to Arlene, our graphic designer, who had to venture into new bilingual territory in designing the magazine.

It is our prayer that we can get thousands of these magazines to the world of Spanish speaking Jews who are only now realizing their Hebrew roots.

Order a copy of The Sephardic Jews in Spanish online today.  Or call (703-707-0014) or email ( for bulk orders of twenty-five or more.

Because we sold out of all the printed copies of the Sephardic Jews magazine in English, we are offering free online downloads to any and everyone!

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9 Comments to Spanish Translation of Sephardic Jews magazine is finished!

  1. I would like to order one original English edition of Sephardic Jews, and one Spanish translation of Sephardic Jews. I am a Sephardic Jew and would enjoy reading your magazine.
    I thank you,

  2. Judith A

    I would like to have a copy in spanish. I live in Baja California Mexico. And be glad to subscribe to this magazine.

    Thk u, shlm.
    Judith A.

  3. Sarah Maimone

    Greetings from Brazil
    This is wonderful! would it be possible for this to be in Portuguese also? We have many here who have Jewish descendancy, descendants of Spanish, Dutch and Italian immigrants, and are only discovering this now.
    The Lord bless you,

  4. Technically, Ladino is not Spanish. It is 60% Medieval Castillan Spanish, influence heavily by Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Turkish, and to a lesser extant by Greek, Bulgarian, and Serbo-Croatian. But I can make Ladino out, from the Spanish I know. The Spanish “corazon” in Ladino is “coracon” for “heart.” The Spanish “bajo” in Ladino is “basho” for “low.” But to read Ladino in the Hebrew alphabet is a challenge. For they will use the Hebrew letter “koph” to create the Spanish sound “que.”

  5. We will email you to get this conversation started. Thanks so much for contacting us.

  6. Samuel del Coso Román

    Greetings from Toledo (Sefarad).
    Some leaders from different parts of the word just have had a meeting in Israel about “the Anusim and their international awakening”. Dr. Dell Sanchez gave us an English copy of this beautiful issue titled: “The Sephardic Jews”. After having had a good look at it, I asked the inevitable question: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have it in Spanish?” Praise the Lord for a positive answer to our prayers! We will need millions of them… Perhaps we can find a practical way for distribution in the countries were Spanish is being spoken. We are short of time… Please, answer me.
    Thank you very much!
    Shalom, shalom,
    Samuel del Coso Román

  7. Would like information on your organization and others. We have a large Hispanic group living in our area and a member of our church that found she has a Sephardic family name.

  8. How do I get a series in English? Also, do you recommend a source that helps to research and verify the lineage for Saphardic Jews ?

  9. Sandra

    Just read the magazine .. spanish translation is great … hats off to the translators

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