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Israel's gas offers lifeline to neighbors Leave a comment Read more »

Israel’s gas offers lifeline to neighbors

By STANLEY REED and CLIFFORD KRAUSS, NY TIMES— The Israeli navy had detected smoky signs that a rocket might have been fired by Hamas from the shores of Gaza. As a voice over the loudspeaker warned to take cover, the crew raced up the metal…

Is rebuilding Gaza more important than halting Ebola? Leave a comment Read more »

Is rebuilding Gaza more important than halting Ebola?

By MICHAEL FREUND— This past Sunday, some 50 nations from around the world gathered for a major donor conference aimed at raising billions of dollars to tackle what organizers described as an urgent humanitarian predicament. A host of prominent figures, including UN Secretary- General Ban…

Cartoon: Gaza aid Leave a comment Read more »

Cartoon: Gaza aid

Israel Hails Netanyahu's Speech, But Was Anyone Else Listening? 1 Comment Read more »

Israel Hails Netanyahu’s Speech, But Was Anyone Else Listening?

By RYAN JONES, ISRAEL TODAY— Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the UN General Assembly on Monday was at the forefront of the news cycle in Israel on Tuesday. From the left to the right of the political spectrum, everyone agreed Israel’s leader is a…

The United Nations: World's Leading Purveyor of Antisemitism Leave a comment Read more »

The United Nations: World’s Leading Purveyor of Antisemitism

By ANNE BAYEFSKY, GATESTONE— The UN is not having a conference on the threat that global antisemitism poses to international peace and security. This is lunch-time. The courageous organizer, assisted by the principled representatives of the small state of Palau, is independent of the UN.…

Video: Hamas rap Leave a comment Read more »

Video: Hamas rap

Hamas, a terrorist organization similar to Isis, rules over the Gaza strip. In the summer of 2014 Hamas provoked a war with Israel. Hamas is Palestinian, but it oppresses the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza and launches rockets into Israel to terrorize Israeli civilians. Hamas…

The Conditions of Victory Leave a comment Read more »

The Conditions of Victory

By SHOSHANA BRYEN, GATESTONE— The Israeli public is in a notably bad mood. The Hamas rockets have, for the time being, stopped; the current cease-fire is holding. The tunnel threat, a strategic one most Israelis had not understood until several days into the war, has…

The unfinished war 1 Comment Read more »

The unfinished war

By CAROLINE GLICK— The war with Hamas is not over. What we are experiencing today is a temporary cease-fire. The most basic reason the war is not over is because Hamas has no existence outside its war against the Jewish state. Hamas exists to obliterate…

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