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Netanyahu kept his word Leave a comment Read more »

Netanyahu kept his word

By DAVID BUSKILA, ISRAEL HAYOM— Two days ago, the heads of the southern municipalities held an emergency meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk about the security escalations. I told Netanyahu clearly: “We expect you to stop this horrific phenomenon that murderous villains across…

Who Is Really Besieging Gaza? Leave a comment Read more »

Who Is Really Besieging Gaza?

By MUHDAR ZAHRAN, GATESTONE— A photo of the “Prime Minister” of Hamas’s government in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, buying Israeli grapes in Gaza, with a boy standing next to him enjoying a bag of Israeli chips has been circulating online among Palestinians. The photo…

Why Israel Attacked Gaza Leave a comment Read more »

Why Israel Attacked Gaza

By JONATHAN SCHANZER, NATIONAL POST— In a surgical air strike on Wednesday, Israel eliminated the terrorist leader who masterminded the capture of Israeli soldier Gilat Shalit in 2006. Yesterday’s attack killed Ahmed Jabari, a top leader of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, more commonly known…

Gazans fire 90 rockets; cabinet approves reserve call-up Leave a comment Read more »

Gazans fire 90 rockets; cabinet approves reserve call-up

By YAAKOV LAPPIN and TOVAH LAZAROFF, JPOST— The IDF on Wednesday opened a campaign to remove the rocket menace afflicting the South with the targeted killing of Hamas terror chief Ahmed Jabari. Named Operation Pillar of Defense (in Hebrew, Operation Pillar of Cloud), the intense…

Attrition, or decision? Leave a comment Read more »

Attrition, or decision?

BY YOAV LIMOR, ISRAEL HAYOM— Events over the past two weeks, particularly on Saturday, have led Israel to a crossroads. Should Israel accept the dangerous deterioration of the security situation around the Gaza Strip or should it risk an escalation of violence by attempting to…

Peace or annihilation? 1 Comment Read more »

Peace or annihilation?

By EARL COX— Here we go again.  The international community is clamoring for the people of Israel to give up more of their God given land in exchange for what?  Peace?  Does anyone really believe that giving up this land will bring peace? Does anyone…

Netanyahu: Only direct talks can reveal Abbas' true position Leave a comment Read more »

Netanyahu: Only direct talks can reveal Abbas’ true position

By ISRAEL HAYOM— Following Channel 2 interview in which Abbas implies he would be willing to abandon the Palestinian demand for a “right of return,” Israeli leaders warn that the Palestinian Authority president is trying to influence the coming Israeli elections. It is only through…

Hamas aims Grad at Dimona reactor Leave a comment Read more »

Hamas aims Grad at Dimona reactor

By DEBKAFILE— Less than 24 hours after Sudanese President Omar Bashir pledged “decisive steps against Israeli interests which are now legitimate targets,” for the destruction of the Iranian missile plant in Khartoum, Palestinian rocket teams early Sunday, Oct. 28, fired Grad missiles as target finders…

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