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Obama, not Bibi, created U.S.-Israel crisis 1 Comment Read more »

Obama, not Bibi, created U.S.-Israel crisis

By JONATHAN TOBIN, COMMENTARY— Since Barack Obama became president, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg has been a reliable indicator of administration opinion about foreign-policy issues. Like some other journalists who can be counted on to support the president, he has been the recipient of some juicy…

Relations between Netanyahu and US administration reach new low 2 Comments Read more »

Relations between Netanyahu and US administration reach new low

By ISRAEL TODAY— The Obama administration’s anger, public condemnation and displeasure over Israel’s building policies in the settlement blocs and Jerusalem, and the Netanyahu government’s open expression of contempt for Obama’s understanding of the Middle East, indicate that profound changes in the relationship may be…

Mirages and shifting sands Leave a comment Read more »

Mirages and shifting sands

By VICTOR SHARPE— The Commander in Chief of the USA has been dithering and having endless fun on the golf course while a Sunni horde of jihadists and savages in the Middle East has been allowed to swell its numbers to 35,000. At the same…

Congress, Obama and the way to defeat Hamas Leave a comment Read more »

Congress, Obama and the way to defeat Hamas

By CAROLINE GLICK— Why did Hamas attack the Givati forces, kill two soldiers and capture 2nd. Lt. Hadar Goldin Friday morning in violation of the US-UN brokered 72-hour cease fire? Hamas acted as it did, because it thinks it can get away with it. And…

Obama's Holocaust Hypocrisy 1 Comment Read more »

Obama’s Holocaust Hypocrisy

By JONATHAN TOBIN— President Obama was in Los Angeles this week to hobnob with some of his biggest fans in Hollywood. He gave his usual stump speech blaming the Republicans for all the country’s ills at a private fundraiser where he rubbed elbows with Barbra…

The Neophyte President 4 Comments Read more »

The Neophyte President

BY RON JAGER— As we have all watched in disbelief over the past few weeks, we keep wondering when Obama will wake up and understand the ramifications of his strategic concessions. We wonder when Obama will put aside his seemingly childish eagerness for obscure negotiations.…

Obama's fantasy Middle East 2 Comments Read more »

Obama’s fantasy Middle East

By JEFF JACOBY, BOSTON GLOBE— IN BARACK OBAMA’S Middle East, the explanation for the persistent lack of peace between Israel and the Palestinians is clear: It’s Bibi Netanyahu’s fault. Things would be so much easier if only the Israeli prime minister would bite the bullet.…

Obama to Netanyahu: Two-state solution still possible 2 Comments Read more »

Obama to Netanyahu: Two-state solution still possible

By YITZHAK BENHORIN, YNET— Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US President Barack Obama Monday at the White House. Speaking to the press, Obama said that there is strong bipartisan support for Israel’s security and that the two-state solution is still possible. Obama praised Netanyahu’s…

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